Miniforce Logo (English)
Number 1
Number of episodes: 26 (season 1)
26 (season 2)
First episode: New Heroes (season 1)
Arrow of the Griffin (season 2)
Last episode: Invincible Miniforce (season 1)
Miniforce, The Final Battle (season 2)
Original airing: February 2015 (South Korea)
February 2016 (USA)
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Miniforce X

Miniforce is a Korean animated tokusatsu series.


In the ruthless world of animals, big strong animals dominate and feed on the small and weak. To buck this natural system, small animals form a secret organization: Miniforce. Rigidly selected mutants with special powers, Volt, Sammy, Max, and Lucy become top secret rangers to save their small village Bluebell from the hand of human villain Nein and his underling lizard Pascal. Animals in danger? No problem! When the Force Gem alerts, it’s time to suit up! With Miniforce and their transforming Force Vehicles, it’s time to sweep![1]



Character names are from the subtitled/dubbed version of the series.

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Miniforce Rangers

The main four Miniforce Rangers

Blue Miniforce Ranger Volt
Red Miniforce Ranger Sammy
Yellow Miniforce Ranger Max
Pink Miniforce Ranger Lucy
Black Miniforce Ranger Ray
Green Miniforce Ranger Hawk
White Miniforce Ranger Anna


Former Miniforce Ranger Ipas


Degenerate Ranger Pascal

Supporting CharactersEdit


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Transformation DevicesEdit



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Force BotsEdit

Cast Edit



Titles are from the subtitled/dubbed version of the series as seen on Netflix and Youtube.

Season 1Edit

  1. New Heroes
  2. New Threat
  3. Attack of Spider Mechermon
  4. Fortune of the Day
  5. Courage of Turtles
  6. Miniforce and Baby Iguana
  7. Scary Vending Machine
  8. Lucy the Chef
  9. There's Something About Ipas
  10. Hypnotic Music
  11. Medusa’s Attack
  12. Fatally Delicious Candy
  13. Sammy's Betrayal Part 1
  14. Sammy's Betrayal Part 2
  15. Deadly Sweet Fragrance
  16. Battle with Vacuum Mechamon
  17. Cause of the Disease
  18. Shadow in the Dark
  19. Kungfu Master Cho Part 1
  20. Kungfu Master Cho Part 2
  21. Destined Rivals
  22. Dangerous Curiousity
  23. Black Miniforce Part 1
  24. Black Miniforce Part 2
  25. Saving Dr. Tao
  26. Invincible Miniforce

Season 2Edit

  1. Arrow of the Griffin
  2. Give Our Veggies Back!
  3. Alien Jody Part 1
  4. Alien Jody Part 2
  5. Secret of the Crying Pollen
  6. Legend of the Pyramid
  7. Twin Penguin Thieves Part 1
  8. Twin Penguin Thieves Part 2
  9. Halloween Party Part 1
  10. Halloween Party Part 2
  11. Dangerous Smartphone
  12. Strange Dream
  13. Serpent Witch Part 1
  14. Serpent Witch Part 2
  15. Secret of the Monster Part 1
  16. Secret of the Monster Part 2
  17. Precious Electricity
  18. Suspicious Frog
  19. Shaku, the Pirate King Part 1
  20. Shaku, the Pirate King Part 2
  21. Ravenous Croaker Part 1
  22. Ravenous Croaker Part 2
  23. Prophecy of the Peacock
  24. Miraculous Courage
  25. Miniforce, The Final Battle Part 1
  26. Miniforce, The Final Battle Part 2


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  3. Miniforce X[4]


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